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For Good

"A volatile, claustrophobic psychological thriller that mines New Zealand tabloid mythology to provocative effect."

- Bill Gosden, Director
New Zealand Film Festivals

Official Selection: Montreal World Film Festival

Would-be journalist Lisa Pearce is haunted by the abduction and murder of her childhood companion. When Lisa confronts the killer, she sparks a devastating chain of events. Now her own life is under threat.

In Stuart McKenzie’s intense psychological thriller, we enter the mind of a killer and are drawn into a complex web of desire, compassion and revenge.

FOR GOOD is inspired by interviews conducted by Stuart McKenzie and wife Miranda Harcourt with families of both violent offenders and their victims. This raw emotion fuels the story.

“The subject matter of FOR GOOD is no more extreme than your average crime thriller. What is different is that I have tried to remain sensitive to the quality of real lives and real voices. At the same time I have focused on making a film that is intriguing, unexpected, tense, exciting and disturbing” - director Stuart McKenzie.

FOR GOOD is Stuart McKenzie’s debut feature film. With frequent collaborator Neil Pardington, his shorts – THE MOUTH AND THE TRUTH, ENDS MEAT, SNAP, CHINESE WHISPERS, VOICEOVER – have won acclaim both within New Zealand and internationally. McKenzie is also a prominent New Zealand playwright and a published author.

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Dolby Digital
96 Minutes

Artical: North American premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival NZ On Air Website